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Blues Troubadour, a journey in writing light
Goh, Christina
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52 Pages
ISBN 978-2-322-08066-3
€ 19,90
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Blues Troubadour, a journey in writing light

An innovative literature at the crossroads of fiction, poetic collection and illustrated writing.
A story which transports us, illustrated by the images of the press photographer and the author of exhibition Pascal Montagne.
A surprising artistic exploration which can not be explained...
A not-to-be-missed work... To be unfolded as soon as possible!
Hardcover collector's edition.

Christina Goh

Christina Goh is a French vocalist, of Ivorian and Caribbean descent.
Songwriter, member of the jury of the 15th Independent Music Awards in the United States, the artist has developed her poetic and musical concept for more than a decade.
"Blues Troubadour, a journey in writing light" is her eighth publication.

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