The Retabulism

The Retabulism

Nas E. Boutammina


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The Retabulism is a current of thought that formally asserts that History and Historiography commonly accepted, have been established for centuries on distorted foundations, garbled, or just completely fabricated. These [History and historiography] originate in the Middle Age, then set in printing in the Renaissance, become institutionalized in the quiet lounges during the Enlightenment, are prescribed in the chancelleries in the industrial era ; Finally, they popularized in all media in contemporary era.
The Orthodox History [or formal] has long been a first set of "events" chronic collections to strategic goals [political, mercantile, hegemonic, etc.] that uses and abuses of facts that were never produced. Therefore, the Retabulism protests against this spirit of deceit, prefabricated. Beyond preconceived events, the retabulist action describes the circumstances of their production and even, it should reveal what really happened by using all the means that science makes available to discover the reality so the historical truth.
Indeed, history is first retabulist knowledge of authentic events, then search their consistency [Harmony logical connection, no contradiction in their sequence, etc.] which exceeds the pure historiographical succession to form a coherent discourse: approximation, comparison, establishing causes chains, etc.
The Retabulist shows that history has logic and the latter is that of a reality that is built up to its source and not endlessly reproducing historiographical artificial content.
Beyond the dogmatic or historical dogmatism History [History orthodox or official and Historiography], can we glimpse the Retabulism a Counter-History, ie an overhaul of Humanities substrate ?
Nas E. Boutammina

Nas E. Boutammina

The Author is a French writer with doctoral training in Biological and Medical Sciences. His scientific research during his graduate study has naturally led to interest in the History of Science, namely that of Medicine, discussed widely on college campuses. This intellectual development and curiosity inevitably led The Author to study a variety of other disciplines, including the Humanities [History, Anthropology...] Theology, and the Experimental Sciences.
The Author erects a new discipline altogether: Anthropology of Islam or neo-anthropology, which is an entirely novel approach to Prehistory, Archaeology, Anthropology... Gifted with a critical spirit and excellent insight, the author advances his investigations so as to apprehend the fields of Knowledge. His work, on the one hand, casts light on the shadier aspects of human knowledge, bringing to light different perspectives from those commonly admitted; on the other, the Author enriches the whole of human Knowledge with the innovation of new theories, categories, and concepts.

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