The codification of Zouk

The codification of Zouk

Jean-Claude Occo

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Couverture souple

48 pages

ISBN: 9782956796527

Éditeur : Occo, Jean-Claude

Date de parution : 12.11.2019

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: oui

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En savoir plus
This book gives everyone the opportunity to learn how to dance Zouk. After a reflection on the issues of transmission of this dance and to open it to the world, Jean-Claude Occo wrote down what he already taught in his classes.
The codification of Zouk, evokes the history of music Zouk, to eventually arrive at the dance.
To understand the workings, Jean-Claude Occo defined seven essentials points to understand this dance:
- The postures
- The rhythms
- The styles
- The movements
- The turns
- Hips movements
- Bust movements
- Level changes.

The codification of Zouk, is a reference to have a base to transmit.
The steps are very detailed and named in Creole.

" It doesn't matter what these are called when you're on a dance floor. Codification makes it possible to structure, to have a common vocabulary. It is clear that codification will not make it possible to become a good dancer...explain Jean-Claude."

This version will also be available soon in 5 languages.
Jean-Claude Occo

Jean-Claude Occo

Recognized for his joy of living, his professionalism and his pleasure in sharing and transmitting his passion, he is celebrating his 20 year career as a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher (in 2019).
Multidisciplinary dancer, he particularly likes Latino-Caribbean dances (Salsa, Bachata, Zouk ...).
For several years, he has collaborated on many music videos of artists such as Kassav.

He travels to festivals, parties and workshops to spread his vision of dance, his perception of music and the interaction of the two.

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