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The colored sketches collection
AKA, Louis
Couverture souple
136 Pages
ISBN 978-2-322-08354-1
€ 19,99
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The colored sketches collection

'The Colored Sketches Collection' is a book that contains 63 colored sketches and 7 poetic texts celebrating the enchantment of human life in its various dimensions. Radical Evokation of the Original Time and of the Light of the soul, the reader will find in this opus, a refreshing point of view on the Art of Living and the pleasures of existence through the exprience of the trials of the Earth, and the conquest of Wisdom they conceal within themselves.

'The Colored Sketches Collection'
or 'The Dream of a Dervish'...

Louis AKA

AKA Louis is an author's name with a poetic dimension, and a polysemous meaning. Poet, writer and essayist, also graphic designer, musician, video maker and photographer, Under another artist name, AKA Louis has forged his Art of Writing through a academic general literary and artistic course, as well as throiugh an original approach to the cultures of the world, and the universe of piety in self taught and independant researcher.
AKA Louis choose to develop and artistic approach to literary creation, in order to propose, to the reader, an unsual and refreshing, surprising and accessible universe, oscillating between the tale and the poetic vision.
AKA Louis tackles the thorniest questions of existence, through a light and interrogative feather pen, that challenges, the reader, to make, wether or not, his own opinion. The pen name, that he has coated, is a reference, to the world of the soul, through the question of identity, of otherness, and of cardinal landmarks that serve as guiding principles on Earth.
AKA Louis is also a sketch artist and an Illustrator.
His style of colorful and fruity sketches, particularly daring, and unusual, evokes the world of the Soul, the Art of Living, and the Original Time.

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