The Undiscovered Bestiary

The Undiscovered Bestiary


Couverture souple

88 pages

ISBN : 9782957335428

Éditeur : Alonso-Ségal, Damien

Date de parution : 24/08/2020

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs : oui

15,00 €

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En savoir plus
Climate change, species mass extinction, pandemics, deforestation and other disasters... The world as we use to know will no longer exist in 80 years from now.

With our technology, we are sure we will survive but what if the technology itself does not survive?

Be sure Earth will and nature will change and adapt!

In 2102, through her road book, discover the journey of a young zoologist travelling all around the world to figure out how nature has evolved and taken back the planet !


Illustrator - Comic book artist - Self-publisher

Pencils, brushes and balloons in hands, I would do impossible stories!

Illustrator and comic book artist for 2 decades, I have been involved in various independent projects such as sci-fi and super-heroes comic books, children books and graphic novels as well as corporate illustrations.

In the last decade, I have also been painting and customizing statues mainly inspired from comics, cinema and video games, and I'm now sculpting my own original characters to go along my illustrated projects.

In 2018, I have founded Nice Kraken, my self-publishing label where I freely create my own stories.

You can follow my work and projects as well as support me on various social networks (IG @DasArt, FB @TheArtOfDas, Patreon @TheArtOfDas) and
Hope to see you there ;)

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