Shakespeare identified

Shakespeare identified

in Edward de Vere the Seventeenth Earl of Oxford

Thomas Looney , Édition Mon Autre Librairie (Ed.)


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ISBN : 9782491445409

Éditeur : Mon Autre Librairie

Date de parution : 11/03/2020

Langue: anglais

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En savoir plus
This book is the groundbreaking work in which Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, is identified as being the author commonly known as "Shakespeare". This theory, which initially faced fierce opposition, has since established a solid place in the landscape of Shakespearean studies. It now constitutes an essential reference in this area.
Thomas Looney

Thomas Looney

John Thomas Looney, South Shields 1870 - Swadlincote 1944.
Born into a Methodist family in the north of England, Thomas Looney was first drawn to an ecclesiastical career and sought to found a Church according to the teachings of Auguste Comte. After a founding failure, he refocused on his profession as a school teacher, and devoted his life to Shakespearean studies. His solidly argued theory on the true identity of the so-called "Shakespeare" still gives him today a deserved recognition.

Édition Mon Autre Librairie

Édition Mon Autre Librairie (Ed.)

Mon Autre Librairie reissues rare and forgotten ancient texts, configured for reading devices and for paper publishing. The texts are reformated, corrected and if necessary supplemented with notes. A short biography of the author completes the information provided to the reader.

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