Rugby League, Rugby of The Future

Rugby League, Rugby of The Future

Frank Perrin

Bien-être, cuisine & santé


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Date de parution : 15.12.2021

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Rugby League is a game of dreams. In an endless display of dance moves, thirteen performers on each side of the field provide a brilliant spectacle of multiple passes, devastating tackles and magnificent tries. As well as many thousands of supporters in the north of England, rugby league enjoys considerable success in Australia with the NRL, and in New-Zealand, Papua New-Guinea, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and Great Britain as a whole. It is also played in the US, Canada, Jamaica, Russia, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Malta, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Morocco, Portugal, Serbia, South Africa, Lebanon, Norway, Italy, Germany and Holland. It is a popular Rugby "par excellence". Discover the fourth dimension of rugby and the hidden ans mysterious world of rugby league beyond. And with the help of previously unpublished files recovered among 17km of archives, this book reveals how rugby league was banned in September 1940 in France, and by who....
Frank Perrin

Frank Perrin

The imperial city of Biarritz was where I was born and had the good fortune to discover the wonderful world of rugby. From a very young age I would go with my grandfather to Aguilera stadium every Sunday to watch "the curtain rise" on a first division rugby union match. I discovered rugby league later on by watching broadcasts of World Cup, Cup Final, and French championship matches between 1964 and 1972 on ORTF (French TV and Radio service). The dynamic and physical nature of rugby league appealed to me with many tries and longer match time. But it wasn't until Tuesday 3 November 2002, in Bordeaux, that I entered the mysterious and fascinating universe of Rugby League...

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