Matthieu Mercier

Couverture souple

188 pages

ISBN : 9782322248285

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 01/03/2021

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs : non

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One shadow, then two, then three. They left the rooms one by one and followed the same path. An icy wind passed in front of their faces, Tressie's hair was floating. Terrified, she screamed in pain as she was dragged along the floor. She struggled, but this supernatural force did not let go of her. The boys caught her by the legs. Brandon armed himself with his camera and turned on the flash. A shrill scream came out of nowhere that terrorized the group. The camera was filming the shadow escaping by swallowing the halo of strobe light that had appeared moments before.
Matthieu Mercier

Matthieu Mercier

Matthieu Mercier is a French author of science fiction and horror.
Redemption is his first book published in English.

Coming soon in English : Ultimate Apocalypse : Project Ulpia and Utopiatry

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