Old British Personal Names

Old British Personal Names

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Philippe Potel-Belner

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The Ancients passed on their love of mysteries... Today, we are surrounded by many enigms, but we miss the keys... language was central in the ancient mentality...not the written language, but only phonectics and its meanings, this is why the XXth century man had no understanding of this problematics. All the current surnames come from the Antiquity (and before... but without written traces !).
Through away your old books ! you will see how childish they are... The former etymologists have limited their researches to the medieval names, without taking account of the ancient names ! while they are quite well-known in Gaul. See the British names in a true light...

A lineage, an offspring, can be expressed by many words (not inevitably in the current sense, but in the etymological meaning !): away, blood, cast, child, heir, fax, father, flower, forth, fry, freight, gene, go, crew, aim, ahead, last, line, link, maker, may, pitch, ray, pull, rely, ridge, ride, save, send, set, shall, show, ship, son, step, street, attend, wait, weather, way, will, win, for the most explicit. These elements compose many British surnames, as you will see in this book.
Philippe Potel-Belner

Philippe Potel-Belner

Philippe POTEL-BELNER have studied, for a long time, history, archeology, philology (antique, medieval and contemporary) and theology. His researches have led him to build a new vision of the past.

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