Music as mystical Journey

Music as mystical Journey

A call from the Soul and beyond

Daniel Perret


Couverture souple

104 pages

ISBN: 9782810626489

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 12.02.2013

Langue: anglais

Impression couleurs: non

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En savoir plus
Siberian shamans say that the sound of their frame drum is the horse that carries them into the beyond. Some music can indeed to this for us. How is this possible? 'Music as a Mystical Journey' explores this theme. The book is about spiritual transformation and our search for happiness and harmony.
A mystical journey is a search that follows an inner call. The word mystical refers to a quest common to all religions and yet does not belong to any one exclusively. All mystical traditions like the Sufis, North American Indians or shamanic cultures, went beyond religion into an open space of fraternity and communion with nature and the divine.
Today music is present all around us, and we have all been deeply moved by it at some point in our life. Few people realise how this feeling experience can lead them more permanently into silence, joy and freedom. This book explores a.o. the energy of the Black Virgine or virgin blackness in music.
Daniel Perret

Daniel Perret

Né à Zurich en 1950. Etudes à'l'université de Zurich. Etude de la science de la guérison spirituelle auprès de Robert S. Moore de 1979-1999. A publié dix livres dont la série sur \"La Science de la Guérison spirituelle\". Vit en Dordogne. Musicien, auteur, conférencier, stages

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