Tantric Buddhism Uddiyana and Odisha

Tantric Buddhism Uddiyana and Odisha

Foreword by Lama Tenzin Samphel

Frédéric Moronval


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The state of Odisha, in eastern India, is home to a unique concentration of images of deities and symbols dating from the earlier days of Tantric Buddhism up to the later developments of Vajrayana. Could Odisha be Oddiyana, the mythical kingdom from which Vajrayana is said to originate?
This essay on one aspect of the history of Tantric Buddhism in South Asia tries to answer this question within the larger frame of the development of Buddhism in India. Going against some received ideas, it also exposes the role played by Buddhism in the birth of Hinduism. It concludes with an examination of the Buddhist heritage in contemporary Indian religious movements. This volume contains excerpts from The Accomplishment of Wisdom, by King Indrabodhi, as well as the integrality of the Accomplishment of Non-Duality, by Princess Lakshminkara, both translated exclusively from the original Sanskrit texts for the first time.
Frédéric Moronval

Frédéric Moronval

Frédéric Moronval is an Indologist and Doctor in Language Sciences. Associate Researcher at the Center for Himalayan Studies - CNRS (France), he authored Langue et religions au Népal - Les Néwar bouddhistes de la vallée de Kathmandu, and The MIssion of the Newars - Upholding Nepalbhasa and Buddhadharma (bilingual English-Newari), Kathmandu.

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