Lila and the little man with golden hair

Lila and the little man with golden hair

Marie-Claire Baucere Dehaene

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ISBN: 9782322490189

Éditeur : Books on Demand

Date de parution : 17.05.2023

Langue: anglais

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A little man with golden hair smiled, he didn't speak when questioned, you can guess who he is, I didn't want to leave the little man alone in his world, I wanted him to come back in new adventures, to make little Lila's heart beat. Lila is an innocent, carefree, dreamy little girl. During the summer holidays, her Grandmother Agate, named Cherry, will tell her the rest of the story of the little man with golden hair and transport her little girl into a real fairy tale.
Childhood...whatever we think of it, echoes a melody that resonates in us all our lives...
Childhood, that universe between the real and the imaginary from which innocence springs.
Marie-Claire Baucere Dehaene

Marie-Claire Baucere Dehaene

My name is Marie-claire Bauceré Dehaene, I was born in Rosandaël in the Hauts de France. I was born to a Polish mother and a French-Belgian father. Like cats, chocolate and reading, writing conquered my heart in my early childhood, but the possibility of writing my own stories only came much later, after my studies of literature and modern languages.
In my early teens I discovered Zola, Hemingway, Flaubert, Yourcenar and many others who inspired me greatly.
Writing is one of my passions. Since 2020, I have written several books, biographies, fiction, true stories, imaginary tales for young people.
I am particularly fond of beautiful literature, detective stories and thrillers with difficult to unravel plots.
Another novel (other places, other secrets, other plots) is currently being written.

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