HOTWIFE EXPERIENCE - Sex stories for adults

HOTWIFE EXPERIENCE - Sex stories for adults

10 erotic stories about hotwifes, cuckolds and wifesharing

Elizabeth Grey

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10 Hotwife sories for her and him.

Our first hotwife experience

When it finally happened, we had been married almost 20 years. We are high school sweethearts that married after graduation and had a built a pretty normal life. Good kids, good jobs, little house in the suburbs nothing substantial to complain about...

Hotwife First Timer

I am really surprised to be writing this story. A month ago, I would have never believed I could have sex with a man other than my husband, especially not at his suggestion and with his encouragement. Most of all, I am astounded what a totally amazing erotic experience it turned out to be and how wantonly, willingly and shamelessly I threw myself into the adventure, to the delight of both my husband Kyle, and myself...

My hotwife at the nightclub

This is the story about how our relationship took a turn down the road of hotwifing. This is completely true!

My wife and I have been married for 10 years. Everything about our relationship has been conventional up to this point. kids, jobs, a monotnous sex life, you know the routine. We had talked about fantasies involving other men and women in our bed, but that was the extent of it. My wife Paula is a total hottie! She always turns heads wherever we go. She is an attention whore, and always loves seeing guys checking her out!

She's finally a hotwife.

First let me start by saying this really happened and was way better than any night I could have planned myself. I changed our names for obvious reasons. I'm the cuckold I'll call myself Conor. My wife will go by Hannah. So Hannah and I have been together in a very happy marriage since we were teenagers. I myself had only had sex with one person when we met and Hannah was a proud virgin. I took me over two years before we had sex.

And many more...

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Elizabeth Grey

Elizabeth Grey

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