Education and Learning

Education and Learning

An introduction to Methodology and Strategy

Noury Bakrim


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Date de parution : 20/08/2021

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These chapters have the attempt to present my own dealing as an instructor/professor with the innovative approach of the University of the People (USA-Pasadena) within the frame of education and learning strategies. The book bases on four components : Critical Thinking, Learning, Writing Strategy and Plagiarism. Furthermore, it is meant to be a comprehensive reading for students, education specialists, education students, teachers. Curious minds will find an introductory insight into state of art research and other significant topics.
Noury Bakrim

Noury Bakrim

Noury BAKRIM is a Moroccan/French lecturer/researcher at the university of the People, translator and writer. He's currently working on a theory of language based on biological foundations. In terms of publication, he has widely published in international journals along with two theoretical books on uttering theory, translation and the present book. His focus on learning/education has been awakened by early curious leafing through his father's books. In addition of various research positions and lectureships (France, Morocco, USA as an online lecturer), he has written some fictional books and one essay on London.

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