Black sheep live better

Black sheep live better

How to realise your dream live step by step

Julia Noyel

Livres pratiques & développement personnel


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Are you unhappy with your current life? Imagine waking up every morning feeling excited to start your day! Creating a life that suits you, living in harmony with your values, being different from others, feeling happy and healthy. It is possible! You've reached a decision. You've had it! Things can't go on like this. Something has to change in your life. Perhaps you haven't quite identified what that something is yet; or maybe you know exactly what it is. Perhaps your job doesn't suit you, or you want to move to another city or another country. Maybe you even want to gather all your courage and separate from your partner, to live with the person you truly love. Julia Noyel reveals in this book proven strategies to change your life. She shares how she changed her life and created a different, happy, healthy and successful life. She shows you step by step how you can do it too.
Julia Noyel

Julia Noyel

Julia Noyel is the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life and expert for self-confidence & personal development. As a certified coach & psychological advisor, she trains globally people in how to lead a different, happy, healthy and successful life. With her SUBSTANCE-Formula Julia has created a complete roadmap for helping people not only to be more self-confident and raise self-esteem, but to be happy, healthy AND successful in life. Julia has an extensive background in people management, leadership, change management, interpersonal communication, emotional management, efficiency, energy healing, and body-mind approaches. She has been working with children, students, individuals, couples, leaders over the past years sharing the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life and helping them to build a high-quality SUBSTANCE in life through her books, online classes, individual coaching sessions, workshops and in international schools and business schools.

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